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Professional Development Alternatives
The BEESS Portal to Professional Development Alternatives (PDA) offers a variety of online courses for Florida educators that will increase their ability to respond to the needs of students with disabilities. The courses from the PDA site and the PD Portal site have been combined to create a “one-stop” for professional development related to students with disabilities.

Facilitated Courses

To enroll or for more information about a course, contact your local PDA Coordinator at the FDLRS center that serves your district. If you are already enrolled, select Sign in to access a course.

Registration for March, 2019 Statewide Courses Now Available!

Ongoing communication with expert local facilitator, group meetings with colleagues, and classroom-related learning activities and assessments.

Independent Study Courses

Select Register/Sign in to begin the registration process or to return to a course.

Self-paced learning, content-related activities and assessments, user-friendly format, and responsive design.

Inservice points for professional development are awarded by the school districts through their Master Inservice Plan (MIP). FDLRS will verify completion of inservice credits to districts or other entities on a quarterly basis.

View additional online professional development opportunities.